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Community Choirs led by Vicky Sweeney and Kate Rowe

Inclusion Statement

Inclusion is central to our principles and we take care to make sure everyone can access our singing sessions equally.  We are committed to cultivating and sustaining a culture of inclusion and connectedness.

Anti-Racism and Cultural Honouring

We are aware of the importance of honouring the origins of all songs in our repertoire, however we are unsure of the provenance of many songs that we sing regularly because they stem from an aural tradition, and in many cases they have been passed from choir to choir.  We are committed to find ways of remembering the original singers of these songs and honouring the culture holders who generously passed them on.

We are also aware that many songs and singing traditions were taken from the people who sung them first without permission, acknowledgement or payment.  As anti-racist choir leaders we are committed to find ways of redressing these injustices either by choosing not to sing certain songs, by introducing these songs to our choir members with honour for the people who sang them first, or by making reparation payments.

Before you come

If you feel you would like additional clarification about the way we work, please contact us so that we can talk through what to expect in our singing sessions and address any support needs you may have.

Below are the things we have attended to in our planning however if there is anything else you need support with please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Our choir sessions are in buildings with no steps or steep ramps to the front door and the facilities meet minimum access standards.  However you might want to check for yourself to make sure it is right for you.  We'd be happy to arrange a pre-visit to the venue for you and feedback any suggestions you make for improvements.

Blue Badge Parking is available immediately outside the venue.

We always welcome people to sit down and rest whenever they need to during our sessions and we always offer to move chairs into position for people preferring not to stand.


While we often teach short songs completely aurally, we also use printed word sheets to teach longer songs.  These are printed in black ink, using at least a 12pt font, on white A4 paper.  Large print format is available on request.

Sometimes singing can be an emotional experience and participants may get upset or cry.  This is fine!  You may leave the room anytime you like, or stay in the room with your feelings.  Whatever happens, the song will carry on until you're ready to be welcomed back into it.

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