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Things people say about singing
in our groups

“Thursday night is my 'natural Prozac'!”

“Group singing takes me away from my problems for a few hours each week.”

“So glad I came across your website!!  It's so lovely to have something to look forward to, in the week, that's just for me and just for fun!”

“I’ve really enjoyed this term and hope to be back with you in September.”

“The choir has been great for me and so good to do something different in my new life.  I haven't got a particularly good voice but none of you ever judge and are so welcoming.”

“I am enjoying our Wednesday singing sessions.  It is the highlight of my week.  Thank you for all your hard work, but above all, for making it such fun!!”

“There are a lot of choirs where I live but I have never come across one so full of vitality as your group.”

“Thank you so much, I am loving the choir, it ticks all the right boxes and makes it feel good to be alive!”

“You are all doing a great job… keeping us going and taking us forward.”

“Every time we reconvened to sing as a collective something beautiful happened, hearing the harmonies as we all sang, I ‘drank in’ the whole exponential spiritually uplifting experience, finding that inner voice and being totally in the moment totally present and mindful.  Priceless.”

“Thanks for a great day yesterday at the concert – I really enjoyed it and am glad I braved it.  I woke up this morning singing the right words (better late than never).  Sadly Parkinson’s has affected my confidence a whole load.  I was a family lawyer in my previous life – so thanks for your help.”

“Glad you thought we made a good sound at the concert yesterday.  It's thanks to the teaching that people like me who have never sung in their lives before have the confidence to be a part of these events.  I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for the hard work you put into the preparation as well as the teaching.”

“The enthusiasm of you and your team is infectious!  You are a talented bunch and amazing teachers!”

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