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Community Choirs led by Vicky Sweeney and Kate Rowe

Data Protection Statement

When you join one of our choirs we collect your name and your e-mail address, or your phone number if you do not to have access to e-mail.

The specific purpose of our list is to keep you up to date with only local choir activities.  We will not share your information with any third parties.

We ensure we update all our lists on a termly basis.  We will remove anyone from our list who has not attended, without notifying us, for the period of one academic term.

We store your data on our computer and we back-up our hard drives so if, for example, you wish to be removed from our list you can be sure that our back-up drives are also updated termly.

If you wish to know what data we hold on you and where we store it, we are happy to comply with your request within a reasonable time-frame and explain our procedures to you.  We will then keep a record of your request and how we complied with it.

May 2018

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